Do you have a heart to win the lost? Do you have a desire to move in signs and wonders? Do you burn to plunder hell and populate heaven? Are you called to be an evangelist?

If you want to be used by God to lead people to Jesus you will receive invaluable training in this online School of Evangelism.

This school is a historic collaboration by evangelists from around the world.

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"If you want

to be used by God

in evangelism,

enroll today!"

- Daniel Kolenda

We are the Executive Committee of the Global Evangelist Alliance

Under the banner of Empowered21, Daniel Kolenda President of Christ for all Nations and Jean-Luc Trachsel, Europe Shall Be Saved launched and Co-Chaired Global Evangelist Alliance.

An Executive Committee of influential leaders in world evangelism today was established to guide the Global Evangelist Alliance.

Together are launching this online School of Evangelism because we believe God wants to raise up a multitude of people who are passionate about the Great Commission.